Fun Photos

James has two teeth. Because James has two teeth, he can tend to be fussy. What helps? Gerber biter biscuits. Just ask James. He'll tell you.

James also has to start learning to use a sippy cup, because his daycare will introduce one very soon. So in order to ease the transition, James received a NUK sippy cup - the spout is just like the nipples on his bottles. James seems to like it.

And award for silliest baby photo ever goes to Mr. James Edward Nelson!


Splish Splash, I was takin' a bath!

James discovered something besides his toys since he started sitting up in the bathtub! He figured out last night that he can splash the water!

Because of the problems I'm having with the herniated disc in my back, continuing to bathe him on the counter is easier. However, it leaves a huge mess of water when he gets excited and starts moving around! So we might have to work out alternative bathing methods..

Note: There is no baby nudity in this video, and the voice in the background is his big sister, "talking" to her toys in the big bathtub!


Jumping Bean



You might want to prepare yourself...in order to make James laugh, Gracie and were being pretty loud!


Baby James Trick #1


Boy, what a difference a few months makes!

Okay so it is very hard to look at this picture....

...and think that this is my little boy because....

THIS is what the little monster looks like now!!!

I can NOT believe that is the same child in both pictures. Because of his "little" size, Baby James has received numerous adorable nicknames: Pork Chop (thank you Mrs. Leigh), Fat Man (me and big sister), and Bubba J, as he's affectionately called by his Mawmaw.

And since I've been slacking on updates, be prepared for some videos coming soon that show you just how much my "Little" Monster has learned to do!


Snow Day 2010

Okay so the day we got snow I had to work until lunch time, but Tina stayed with Gracie and James and took some pictures of Gracie playing out in the snow!

Several updates coming!!