Exciting trips to the dentist

Sorry for the lack of posts. I have no excuses. I am a lazy, pregnant hormonal mess and that just about sums it up. I have made a habit of falling asleep when I put Gracie to bed so my time to myself (read: blogging and surfing the net) is cut short.

And besides that, my blog updates are not nearly as life changing as Amy Wade's potato video but thanks anyway to the four devoted readers who check my blog for updates.

I see that most of you voted for a boy, and we will find out which of you is right tomorrow afternoon. It will probably be Thursday afternoon before I can post the news, due to Sacrifice rehearsals tonight and tomorrow. For those of you who live in our area (and don't go to our church and already know about the Sacrifice) you should come and check it out this weekend!

Gracie had her first trip to the dentist today. I have been absolutely a nervous wreck (when am I not?) because the clinic she would be going to does NOT allow parents to go back with the children. So I'm expecting the worst and of course, my child opts to prove me wrong. She cries a few times off and on on the way to the dentist and then whines when the lady comes out to take her back. But somehow the words "stickers" and "bouncy ball" work their magic and my daughter is ripped from my arms by a complete stranger.

She survived, I survived, and I dropped her off at preschool about an hour later. Like I said, not nearly as exciting as Amy's video discovering of the new "life changing" potato peeling method. But still.


Quick prayer request

Small note....I added a poll on the side, just out of curiosity, to see who could figure out if we are having a boy or a girl. I'm thinking of doing some kind of blogger give-a-way (never done one before) so watch for my next post for more details.

In other news, please be in prayer for my good friend Amy Wade. If you are a visitor of her blog, you know she just lost her grandmother on Monday. Her grandmother had been facing several obstacles over the past few months with broken legs and repeat hospitalizations for UTIs. And to echo what Amy said, although they knew the end was close - it is still a loss none the less. Please be in prayer for the Wades, for Amy's sister Kellyn and her husband Jason, and for Amy's parents Tom and Soyna. The funeral is today so please be in prayer for them.


Getting things in order....

First of all, let me apologize to all of my five readers for the lack of updates.

I have no reasons, to be honest, except that other things just keep getting in the way of blogging. Not much has been going on. My aunt and cousin have been coming over just about every night to eat dinner. Plus, with the Sacrifice looming in April we have had several rehearsals at church that take up most of my Sundays.

This post is going to be kind of all over the place.

Gracie had pictures taken at school very recently, so maybe sometime in the near future I can post an updated photo of her. She has become infatuated with all things princess and castles since my sister, Jessica, brought her a photo of Cinderella's castle from Disney in Florida. The castle is illuminated in this blue color, very pretty, but all Gracie talks about right now is dressing up so she can be a princess.

Speaking of Gracie, I did ask her tonight who she thought the baby would look like when it comes out. It's almost impossible to imagine someone who resembles Gracie but doesn't look exactly like her. A lot of people say Gracie is the spitting image of me. I wonder if this other baby will have traits similar to hers, or features - same nose, or maybe the same mouth? Or will this baby look completely different?

I have my next OB appointment this Thursday. And then April 1st is what I'm calling "G Day" around here, or in a better way - Gender Day. I still feel in my heart that this baby is a girl, but I in no way would be upset about having a boy. And the idea of Bryan literally fainting if we find out it's a boy - makes me giggle anyway. I'll need to remember my camera for sure!

Time to put Gracie down for bed....