Time for Change Part 2

Okay so I accidentally deleted my last post and just do not have the patience to re-upload all those pictures.

For those of you who may have had to log in to read my blog, you may have noticed you came directly to it on this visit.

That is because I have made my blog public again.

I chose to go private for a while for a number of reasons, none of which matter anymore. The point is I enjoy the fact that my blog is public and want to be able to share my life with Gracie (and baby #2) with anyone who has an interest in reading it.

I have nothing against people who have private blogs, I know many who do - it's just not for me.

Thanks for reading and see you at my next post!

FYI: It will probably include pictures of Gracie making a Build A Bear for her new sibling!


Highs&Lows of Pregnancy (Cravings)

You know, any normal person with a healthy appetite can deal with hunger. A pregnant woman on the other hand? Notsomuch. From about a week after the pregnancy was confirmed, I've had this hunger that will not go away. I mean, usually it does after a good meal - but that's only sometimes. For the most part, I am generally hungry (please don't confuse this with starving!) for almost all day. Until dinner time, which is another story.
Some of my recent cravings:
McDonald's french fries. And I don't do McDonald's. EVER!
Pickles. Especially the ones at Firehouse Subs
Cherry Limeade Slushs from Sonic
Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshakes from Chick-Fil-A
Butterfinger Hearts
Orange Creamslush from Sonic
Honey Chicken and Fried Rice
Cherry Candy - like sour cherry balls or cherry Laffy Taffy

Okay so some of those are pretty random and only the beginning...this pregnancy seems to be unfolding much like Gracie's, in that there is NO morning sickness (sorry for those of you who dealt with it) only a tendency to feel kind of blah and sickly at dinner time. Hence the need to eat at Cracker Barrel repeatedly over the last few weeks - they just don't seem as greasy as regular restaurants, not everything is fried, and they have a good selection of veggies. Honey carrots. Yum!

My only aversions seem to be strawberries (it was tomatoes with Gracie) and Mexican food (also one with Gracie).

When I was pregnant with Gracie I craved a lot of bitter/tart candies and fruit like fresh pineapple. I also had a think for Sonic Cheese sticks, but only for a period. The last three months with Gracie, just about any carb I could put in my mouth tasted heavenly. And I've noticed for both pregnancies that popcorn - one of my food crushes - is just not the same.

I have mentioned to several people that I "feel" this baby is a girl. Mainly because of the similarities in the pregnancies. While I would like another girl, I am not against a boy in any way. I'm just going on my own feelings about the pregnancy. Anybody want to take a guess - based on their own cravings with their children - as to what the gender of Baby Nelson will be? We will find out towards the end of March/beginning of April I believe.


Hello, "Pregnant & Crazy" Calling!

I work with a lady named Debbie at Winn-Dixie. Debbie and I are very, very good friends and she lives to laugh. Not loves to laugh - lives. Anyway, I picked up the phone this morning to call her and ask a quick favor. What follows is our conversation - her responses are in italics, mine are not.

**phone ringing, click to answer**


"You know what you should do?"

"What's that?"

"You should come to work early enough, get my debit card, and I will buy you a vanilla milk shake if you'll get me a Cherry Limeade Slush."


"Really? I mean, I'll buy the vanilla milkshake since you're using your gas to get me my slush."

"Okay. No problem."

"Really? That's so great! Hey listen, though, just make sure it's a slush - Kayla messed up yesterday and it wasn't a slush."

"Really? What was it?"

"A regular limeade."

"Oh, okay. Hey, is this Kim?"

**awkward silence**

"Uh, no...is this Debbie?"

"No it's not, I'm sorry. You've got the wrong number."

Needless to say, the person on the other end of the line was NOT my Debbie. And she just carried on the conversation like any normal person! She even sounded like Debbie! When I realized I'd dialed a 1 instead of a 5 for Debbie's number and called to tell HER what I'd done, the laughter that erupted from her end of the line caused me to laugh at my own ignorance.

Debbie's advice? "Just call the woman back and tell her you're pregant and crazy!"

I think she's already figured out the last part of that statement!!


And then there were none...

So this afternoon at lunch time, I logged into blogger to post some wonderfully exciting pictures of Gracie in her fuzzy white dress from Mawmaw. And then there were pictures of her, decked out in her pajamas and ready to sleep in her big girl bed.

And then my loving, faithful, and yet sometimes impulsive (although well-meaning) husband decided to become frustrated when our computer would not cooperate with our camera program. And so he moved the files from our camera. Which deleted them from the camera. All the pictures. And there was no way blogger would upload the pictures. At all.

So, with less excitement after my frustrating attempts to upload these pictures dozens of times, I present to you the Princess and her new bed. FYI: The pig seen in some of the pictures is actually a pillow, but it is still a pig sporting and a tutu and a tiara.

For those of you who might be interested, the bed was actually donated be Mrs. Diane at church (Gracie's preschool choir teacher). It belonged to one of her children but is still in wonderful condition. The bedding itself (along with Princess Pig) came from Target.