Our first official ER visit

Well, it happened late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning and it was not pretty. Not even 2 years old, and my pitiful little girl had to be taken to the ER @ Prattville Baptist. She had spent the day with my mom in Birmingham (my sisters had a tournament) and my mom actually got home from Birmingham around 8:30-9:00. After I got home from church, anyway.

The first thing she says when she gets out of the car is, "Gracie hurt her arm." And my first reaction was 'ok, did she scratch it up really bad or something?"

And there is my baby girl in the truck, arm limp at her side. I wanted to cry! I was positive it was broken so we called the pediatrician who advised us to go to the ER and let them do x-rays.

So we signed in at 9:45pm and sat around with other patients - including some loud, obnoxious drunked boneheads one of who had a pretty badly busted open face. Who spends a Wednesday night at a bar, getting sloshed and wresting?

Anyway. At 2:45 Thursday morning they call us back to the ER and after checking out her arm, they decide to give her morphine and do x-rays. The morphine worked fast, because she was using her arm to push the curtains around.

Anyway, they said it was something called Nursemaid's Elbow. It's common in toddlers/children under six and can happen again since it happened once. However, we both recooperated all day yesterday and she's absolutely fine now. Back to her usual self.

FYI - She has learned to sing "Jesus Loves Me" all by herself, and she can count to 10 in spanish. She is also losing interest in Elmo, but absolutely loves Dora the Explorer and Barney (oh yay!). She'll be TWO YEARS OLD in a few short months!


Random ramblings

Wow. It's been almost a month since I last posted! Gracelynn did not enjoy fireworks at all last night. I bought some sparklers for $1.00 (read: I wasted my money on the crap) and she liked looking at those...but then somebody behind our house started shooting off the LOUD ones and in a panic, wide-eyed, she looks at me and says, "Mama. I won go." Which in Gracelynn-speak means,"Lady, get me out of here. NOW!"
So we came back inside and let Daddy enjoy the fireworks. Plus, it was bedtime anyways.

She is speaking in more complete sentences, for example the other night she was on the couch with a baby in her lap. She would kiss the baby and then say, "Oh, wee I kiss the baby right there."

She has also been testing out the big "potty", sitting on it before bathtime but not really doing much of anything. Hey, at least she knows what it's for!