Look what the kids can do!

I've been MIA I know. Forgive me? I wanted to share some new pictures.

Gracie's new haircut!
I just got so sick of ponytails and ponytails and fly away hair and static, that I decided on something drastic. The picture I took was much different than the end result, but it gives her hair more body than it had and it also leaves room to still style, use barretts, or even ponytails if we want.
And we decided to do the haircut the morning of a very important day/event...

The day she was the flower girl in my friend,Brooke's, wedding!

And not to leave out James (AKA "Pork Chop") look what HE can do!

I apologize in advance for the snotty nose (it seems he's had it since birth!) and the upper body nudity. Hey, at least he's sporting a diaper!

Anyway, if you guessed he was sitting up - you'd be right! He only lasted long enough for me to snap these two pictures, but who cares?? He has also learned how to roll over! Now if someone would talk to him about kicking that 2AM bottle, we'd be set.


Happy Birthday, Tina!!

I just wanted to wish my baby sister (far left) a happy birthday today. I can NOT believe she is 18 already. Time has gone by so fast and she is so grown up now...I remember when she was still a little girl!

Tina is the "neglected" child (or so she tells it) because she only has TWO professional photos of herself from birth to age five, and we just recently found the only home video of her first year of existence. Sadly, her name is mispelled and she is given some terrible nicknames in the video. There is also evidence of my mom and I torturing her by feeding her cheerios! But we LOVE you Tina!

I'm not excited about her graduating this May because it's just means I'm getting older...but I love her very much and she'll always be Gracie's F.A.T. (Favorite Aunt Tina).



Baby James' dedication

I can't believe I'm saying this, but these are photos from James' dedication last year. That just sounds so strange.

Anyway, it was at our church on December 27th, and we had a whole pew full of family who came out to witness it. My favorite part of the baby dedications at our church done by our sweet, wonderful pastor are when he takes the child from the parents and walks down the middle aisle of the church. It's as if he's not only showing the baby off to the congregation as he talks, but letting the baby sort of "meet" or be introduced to the congregation. Although James is a familiar and very loved baby at our church.

I know that this simple act also means a lot of Brother Bruce, and did this particular Sunday because he had a minor accident over the holidays and injured his knee - so he was afraid he might not be able to carry James down the aisle. Thankfully, he was able to. And we were also blessed to have Lori Mercer with us to photograph the event!
(I promise to post more photos when I receive my disk from her).


Mama's boy

When Gracie was born, I could see some similarities in her that kind of reminded me of myself and of Bryan. We've had lots of people (over the last four years) who say she looks like me, or she looks like Bryan, or she's a really good combination of both of us. There are some first photos of James that there is no denying he is my son.

I just wanted to share some comparison shots of baby photos of me with photos of James. I really enjoyed flipping through old photo albums at my Granny's house during Christmas, and reminiscing with my sisters.

These first two look more alike than the second two...

But I love this picture of James anyways!

Do you have old baby photos of yourself you'd like to share on your blog? If so, here's my challenge: Show us how similar your own children are to your old photos, or how different!


Christmas Photos Part 2

Gracie with some books from Nana

Anniston opening a gift (she had a blast with the paper!)

Anniston in a box!

Nana's best gift! It says "Grandkids welcome (Parents by appointment)". Tara gave it to her!

Gracie, James, and Anniston