They won, they won!!! You know, I don't usually watch MTV because of the garbage they typically air. But this year, Bryan and I happened to get absolutely hooked on America's Best Dance Crew. We have been rooting from the beginning for our Jabbawockeez to win AND THEY DID TONIGHT!

While I am overly excited about that, tonight also marks the last time I got to see Kim before she leaves for New York on Monday. I am still a bit in shock I think, but I am going to try and dig up some old photos of us and devote a whole blog to Kim, who I have been bestfriends with for the last twelve years!


Happy Easter 2008

You know something? I might be biased because I am her mother and everything, but I think - by far - this is the cutest picture ever. I asked her to say cheese (for the third time) and she sticks her little hip out, cocks her to the side and says: "Cheeeeeese, Mama!"

This is Gracie, with the gift that Mommy bought her. Actually, it's a gift from Mawmaw but Mommy picked it out!

Gracie's Easter basket first thing this morning.

Okay, now the second cutest picture of the day! We didn't set Mason and Gracie up like this, they were trying to "love" on each other. Mason and Brooke spent the afternoon with us, and Brooke and I cooked a huge (yet untraditional) Easter dinner of burgers, fries, baked beans, and a FANTASTIC butterfinger pie! (Recipe to come later).

A shot of Gracie and me in our Easter best.

I will try to post the rest of the pictures and more of a story tomorrow, but bedtime didn't come until midnight last night and I'm exhausted!


Gracie's blog gets a facelift!

Okay so I'm totally copying the The McCrorys and giving this blog a much needed facelift. It's alot of pink, but it's totally Gracie (spunky and cute). Anyway, we've got a full day or errands to run and half the morning is already gone. We'll probably post more throughout the week, especially with Easter weekend coming up!


Easter Fun! (One Week Early)

So, Easter came a week early in our small household. Well, sort of. The Winn-Dixie where I work has this HUGE Easter party every year, generally the Saturday before Easter. I'm talking grilling hotdogs and hamburgers, selling candy, passing out balloons, free popcorn, easter hunts - you name it, we do it!
Anyhow, Nana Kay was kind enough to drive Gracie all the way up from Montgomery to let her Easter Egg hunt this morning at 10:00. The age group was 1-3 year olds, but since Gracie was the only pint-sized hunter on the premises, it seems she won 11 to nothing! Here are some pictures to show off her Egg Hunting abilities:

And she's off.....

I got one!!

Tucking all the candy-filled eggs away in her basket...

I'm done! Eleven eggs! How awesome is that?

And then she caught site of something "really silly!"

This is Clay, one of our clowns, trying to ride his bicycle (I think he fell off once.)

And then to finish off my short and quick post, more random photos of Gracie! Enjoy!
FYI: If you are keeping track, I did google scones and find an awesome Lemon-Glazed Scone recipe that I promptly tried, fell in love with, AND shared with Rachel. I will try to post the recipe sometime later. We are off to dinner at Nana Kay's and to pick up Gracie!


Random Stuff

Just wanted to share this.

This is a song that I will be singing with two other church members on April 6th.

Oh and for those of you who are interested, I made Rachel's Chicken Rolls (minus the chipotle, I used medium salsa instead). It was actually quite tasty, but there was too much for our small family so we'll probably reserve that recipe for parties or large family get-togethers. Oh and I also tried Rachel's recipe for Oatmeal Scones. While they were kind of bland (I've never even had a scone before I made these!) I think if they could be altered to add something sweet - maybe some fresh fruit or chocolate chips, they might be better. They weren't awful or anything, just unusual. Almost like a cross between a cookie and cornbread. I bet they'd be great with some butter and cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top. They are moist and have a good, crumbly texture but they just needed something else for me. Maybe I'll google scones and do some research.


Just hangin' out

I've taken some new pictures of Gracie that I will post at the end of this thread. Basically they are just random pictures of her from our time outside when it was absolutely beautiful the other afternoon.

In other news, Gracie has become the world's best storyteller. She can tell you a story about anything. Like how she is sick. And she went to the doctor. And get gave her medicine because she had a boo-boo on her face. And there is another story about Snow Buddies (?) and how they cried and went BOO HOO HOO. (these are Gracie's words, not mine).

In non-storytelling related news, she has also adopted a new favorite song. We have heard KC and the Sunshine Band's "That's the Way (I Like It)" three times in the last few days. And she can sing one little part that sounds something like "hu hu I like it". Too cute.

Okay, time for pictures! (she was eating grapes before we played on the slide)