Update on Baby #2

Meet baby #2! I had my first prenatal appointment (and ultrasound) yesterday. The ultrasound tech said everything looked fine, but by the ultrasound measurements I was actually showing at 6 weeks pregnant and not 7 weeks. Dr. Desautel said that could change with future ultrasounds, but he will be sticking with the August 15th due date (the ultrasound gave an estimated due date of August 19th).
He said everything looked fine, they did a little bit of blood work and we also talked about birthing options. Gracie was planned as a natural delivery but ended up being a C-Section because she had a big head (only kidding. I forget what they call it...pelvic descent?)
Anyway, Big Sister Gracie was VERY excited to see the teeny tiny baby on screen and HEAR THE HEARTBEAT! It was 135, which I don't know anything about but we're planning on a girl anyway. Or at least, I am.
She was a bit confused about why the baby has to stay in my tummy so long and why my doctor doesn't hand out suckers, but I think she had a good time. Plus we had lunch with my sister and picked out a new baby book also!

One more cute Gracie moment....we had been talking to Tina in the car about a baby brother or sister, and I told Gracie "we don't care" what we have. Meaning, we'd be happy either way. When the nurse came into the room Gracie informed her that "there is a baby in my Mommy's tummy". The nurse asked if she wanted a brother or sister, and sounded annoyed, Gracie said "We don't KNOW!" I had to explain to the nurse that what she meant to say was "we're happy either way!"

My next appointment is Feb 3rd in Prattville. I know they aren't doing an ultrasound, but I'll post updates!

And I have Christmas pictures coming, but with my mom being here until Dec 29th I'm kind of slacking on the posting front..sorry!


Six Weeks

We found out December 11th (via blood testing) that I am pregnant with Baby #2.

My due date is August 15, 2009.

I am six weeks pregnant as of today.

Bryan wants a boy. I'm expecting a girl. Given our family history, the odds just aren't in his favor.


Calling all wives....

If you don't visit MckMama's blog on a regular basis, I strongly encourage you to do so today. Check out her post about her marriage and relationship with her husband.

In a few small words, I have been totally motivated and inspired to check out the book she has been mentioning on her blog. And just an FYI, but I almost feel as if in telling her story she was aiming a video camera at my life. Yikes.

YES to Carrots!

Hey folks!

Want to win some free stuff at Christmas time? Check out my friend Amy's blog and find out how you can win some cool pampering stuff made out of fruits and vegetables!

FYI: I don't think these products are edible. Just for you to use and enjoy.

Good luck and Happy Holidays!

More posts to come this evening....


Miracle on Main Street

Okay, now that I have shared The Big Joke with you I would like to get back to a very important post that I have neglected the last few days. The children's choirs at our church put on a musical/drama production Sunday Dec.7th. To say they did an awesome job would be an understatement. These kids worked really hard and it paid off in the end because they did a wonderful job!

I was informed Wednesday night before Dec. 7th that Gracie's preschool choir would be performing before the actual performance began. Not only did I misplace her choir shirt and tear the entire house apart looking for it, but I was also concerned about whether or not she would actually sing this year - given her track record last year and how vacation Bible school ended in disaster.

Imagine my total shock and surprise when Gracie actually managed to get up on stage and sing! No tears! No tantrums!
You need proof?

That is Gracie on the left. To her immediate right is Noah and to Noah's right is Sabrina. The lady you see in the pictures in Mrs. Diane, their choir teacher.


The Big Joke

Okay, I totally have more things to post about but I wanted so much to tell you about The Big Joke that happened last night. For those of you who are not aware, our church is putting on a production of "The Christmas Shoes". The drama is based off the very popular song performed by Christian artist Bob Carlisle.

This is a photo from the last performance we did of "Sacrifice." Jason Easterling on the left, Mark Knight on the right.

Anyway, my good friend Jason Easterling plays the main role of Robert Layton. I have the unfortunate task of playing his secretary, Gwen. Will Jefcoat is one of our fellow choir members who plays Mark, another employee to Mr. Layton, and my partner in singing "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch."
Jason and I just have that type of friendship that we are very sarcastic and joke (lovingly of course!) with each other constantly. So during one of our rehearsals to prepare for the show this weekend, several choir members made the suggestion to paste Jason's face on a picture of the Grinch. So I enlisted the help of several people from our church; not just choir members but people handling props and the drama, and also our new youth minister! Edgar should actually take full credit for the photo.

I promise this story will not take as long as it seems....so I had copies of the photos and suggested to our drama director, Martha, that I lay some files down on Jason's desk (in character) before I recite my lines. She agreed. Jason and I discussed it (keep in mind he had no idea about The Big Joke) and decided he wouldn't even look at me when I put the files down.
Before our full run through rehearsal last night, I shared The Big Joke with everybody in the choir. When it was time for my scene, Jason and I walked through the scene again backstage.
And then it happened. We pulled off The Big Joke.
I put the files down on the desk, went through my lines, and turned to go. We had a stand in for Will last night, and as Jason called for Mark I heard the WHOLE choir erupt into a fit of laughter.

Now can I just share with you what Jason was looking at (and The Big Joke that had the choir in hysterics?)

For those of you who know Jason Easterling, he is willing to autograph a copy for free. Just print it off and present it to him the next time you see him!


Thank you! Thank you!

My first-ever award! Ever!

I would like to thank Amy for giving me this lovely award, although I'm sure the only reason she did is because I'm her friend. But that's okay too! So I'm assuming by following along that now it's my turn to tell you about some things that I love:

1. My little family. Bryan and I have been through so much together already, I feel like all the struggles we've faced has made our relationship stronger. People laugh when I tell them I married him only because he can make me laugh - but it's totally the truth. We were friends before anything else, and I think that is always important. And there are just no words to describe Gracie and what she means to me. I think I've expressed much of that here, or at least I hope I have.

2. God. There is no way to describe the feeling of that love and what He gave for us. So much of how I learned about that love was when I became Gracie's mother, and I could understand how you would lay your own life on the line for your children. There is nothing better than knowing that there is always someone there with me to hold my hand, to hold me up, and to wrap me in His loving arms that the love of Christ.

3. Music. I could go on and on about this and why I love it, but it's not something that can be explained easily unless you have that same passion. I have always loved singing. I believe it was one of the most important gifts that God blessed me with, and I want to use that to spread the gospel to others. But there is something in a song that tells a story or sends a message, and when you connect with that message...Wow. That's about the best way I can describe it!

4. Popcorn. Maybe not Amy's lime and salt (ew!!) but popcorn. Just, in general. I could eat it all day long if I would let myself. I eat at least 3-4 bags a week. If we go out to dinner and then to a movie, I will STILL order a large popcorn - even if I end up taking it home with me. I don't know why exactly, but it's the best thing since white bread. Yum. And I just had a bag if you were wondering.

5. Bring the Rain. I might be stealing this from Amy, but she and I have had many a conversation about this blog. We even had a phone chain (ok, just the two of us) going when Audrey was born. It takes someone with very strong faith to share their story in the way that Angie has done, sharing intimate feelings so openly on her blog. But I don't know of any other blog I can go to that I can come away with some kind of perspective on anything. Her storytelling is absolutely amazing, and how she applies it to Christ or just to Bible stories is wonderful. I heart this blog, too, Amy!

6. Other fellow blog sites like Confessions of a CF Husband. The fact that Gwyneth is cute as a button aside, Nate and Tricia (like Angie) have opened their lives up to help others. I knew a little bit about cystic fibrosis before finding this bog, but am so much more appreciative after hearing Tricia's story - and the way Nate shares their day to day life.

7. Friends. I am blessed to call some of the best people in the world my friends. They have been there for me repeatedly, and I just feel so lucky to have them in my life.

8. My church family. Some of these people have become extended family, and I do not know of a better group of people when you need prayer or just someone to lean on. They are THE best.

9. Olive Garden.

10. Jeff Dunham. The language is a little much, but if you can get past that - some of his skits are hysterical.