Whoa baby!

I just realized it's been a long time since my last post! I never even got around to posting Gracie's birthday party pictures! And I totally overlooked sharing a photo of James at 3 months (and he's now approaching his 4 month birthday) and we've got Thanksgiving coming up!

I promise all of this is coming very soon. Possibly this week.

And speaking of Thanksgiving, can I just tell you how nice it was that my 4-year-old daughter wanted to share with our church last night that she was thankful for her baby brother? Considering the fact that she cried about it when we broke the news to her (right before we shared it with all of you) I'd say we've come a long way.

And speaking of coming a long way.....MAW MAW is coming home in TWENTY ONE DAYS!!!

And we're not at all excited. Nope, not us.


Birthday Dinner

Gracie has two favorite restaurants: O'Charley's and Cracker Barrel. I don't know what it is about these two specific places, but whenever we mention eating out those are her two picks! Always! So on Monday night when Pawpaw was in town and took us to dinner at Olive Garden, we discussed getting together Wednesday night for her birthday. When asked where she wanted to celebrate, she said Cracker Barrel. The cake you see in the photos is one I actually made at home, complete with princess sprinkles! When I called Cracker Barrel, I was disappointed to find out that they don't "do" anything for birthdays outside of singing. So I opted to bring my own cake and they were fine with that!

I was suprised she didn't start crying when they were singing to her! But she enjoyed it!

This was when she opened her Hannah Montana barbie doll that Pawpaw got her. I don't know what it is with this child and Hannah Montana, but she LOVED the doll! She also got a bag full of clothes, but the bag was so big none of the pictures turned out right.

Baby James and Anniston also received gifts (the cutest little sea horses with light up tummies - they remind me of Glo Worms). Gracie was not too happy about sharing gifts on her birthday, but she was when I told her she could open her brother's gift for him.

While Gracie opened her brother's gift, Tara opened the one for Anniston (Anniston is hidden behind the bag!)

James with Pawpaw

The birthday girl and her Pawpaw!

Pawpaw had to go home on Friday afternoon, but Gracie really enjoyed the fact that he was here again on her birthday (he was also here last year!) We are glad we got to spend time with Pawpaw while he was here on business!


Halloween 2009

So on Friday we went to downtown Prattville to do the candy walk and then over to First Baptist of Prattville for their fall festival. Saturday night we went to Millbrook Baptist for their fall festival, but I forgot the camera in the car. Here are the pictures from Friday night. Enjoy my little monkey and fairy princess!
My little Monkey Man!

My Fairy Princess

And speaking of my fairy princess, I have (coming soon) pictures from her birthday dinner! And this afternoon we are having her birthday party, and there will be pictures from that as well!


My Birthday Princess

Although her birthday isn't official until 3:35 this afternoon, please leave a comment for Gracie and wish her a very happy fourth birthday. Her party is on Saturday but tonight we're having dinner with Pawpaw at Cracker Barrel (one of Gracie's favorite restaurants).

So I'm wishing my birthday princess a happy birthday! She is my firstborn, my beautiful baby girl. She's the one who has the infectious laugh and the vividly wild imagination. She is my super sensitive girl who gets her feelings hurt very easily. She has a big heart that is filled with love for her aunts, her baby brother, and Jesus (and she'll tell you that).

She loves to sing, to look at books, and entertain her baby brother.

She went from being this little creature who was totally dependent on me to developing into her own little person.

My baby, my big girl - no matter what, she is mine. And I thank God every single day for bringing her into my life.