Confounded technical garbage!

Ok, so I've been trying for about three days now to figure out how to upload the most recent video I took of Gracie, which involves a red popsicle. She is cutting teeth in the back now and just about every afternoon I've taken to giving her a popsicle. Not that she objects. In fact, that was what she oh so politely asked for at 5:45 this morning when I was getting her ready to leave the house.

"I want popsicle."

Cute, but no. It is too early in the morning for a popsicle.

I'll keep working on the video.


It's amazing...

To think that at one point in her life, she totally depended on me for everything. Okay, so she still does. Sort of. But this little booger is developing her own independence; and fast. And she's turning into a total character at the same time. For instance, she spent most of the afternoon fake crying while her Nana and Daddy cleaned up the yard and I cooked dinner. Fake crying, sitting at the window, and in between "sobs" she'd say "Hey Nana! (or Daddy)" and wave and giggle.

Then tonight when it was time for bed, we went into her room. Daddy brought her milk, and we thought at the time that Gracie was ordering him to "Sit down,Daddy." We made a big show about it, but in all seriousness, she wasn't telling him to sit down - she was telling him to "Get out." and pointing to her bedroom door.

How hysterical is that?

Not even 2, and she's already decided that Daddy is no longer welcome in her room.

Speaking of bedtime...I think my pillow is calling.

Tried to catch some videos of her dancing this afternoon, but she either wasn't into the music or just didn't feel like showing off her mad dancing skills. Maybe next time.


A small dose of the extreme cuteness

In other words, Gracelynn at her best...(ps. Natasha taught her this!)


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So this is only my third attempt at blogging. My first two simply failed, but I'm hoping this one will take off running. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Miranda. You're probably asking yourself what Life With Gracelynn is about - it's just that.

Gracelynn is an almost 19-month-old bundle of energy who has come to understand that she can use the word "NO!" as much as her Mommy can. Want to know a little more? She is the first child for her Mommy and Daddy and also the first grandchild on both sides, which gives her the title of SPOILED ROTTEN. And she wears it proudly!

Gracelynn (who our family calls Gracie for short) is now speaking - somewhat - in full sentences, like "I don't like it." ; "I want more." ; and "I want to eat." She can also count, only if you start counting she skips numbers. She has been walking since she was nine months old, we weaned her off her bottle just after her first birthday, but we have yet to start potty training or give up the security blanket: the ever blessed pacificier (we call it a pappy).

And if you're wondering when we're going to let go of the pappy, we're working on that.

Now that I'm done rambling and you know who Gracelynn is, be sure to check back for more updates on her life and our life with her.